Lead Developer Opportunity

Bis is a commercial network built around the needs of the modern enterprise to automate business. Where companies interact with their market and trade products and services with automated sales. We are assembling a business directory and are making it fully autonomous for the first time. We are working on a research project and are seeking top talent to take Sales AI to the next level.

We are currently seeking full time developers proficient in Python or Functional Languages. Positions for Front-end, Back-end and Full-stack are available.


We are looking for front-end developers with good knowledge of JQuery, HTML-5, CSS-3, JavaScript and Google Material Design. The candidate should be avle to use the provided API endpoints and create scalable applications.


Candidate should be proficient in Python, C, Redis, Linux/POSIX and be fluid in application architecture and certain third party services such as nginx, rabbitMQ and sockets (socket.io, socks etc). Good understanding of API design is of crucial importance.

Compensation Structures

Compensation will be negotiated and decided according to knowledge, commitment and performance.

Please send your resume to info[at]upbis.com. We look forward hearing from you and how you can help.